Hold the eggs!

I am sitting in Auckland waiting for my flight. I am full of nervous excitement which is having various unsavoury effects on my body. Today I haven’t really been able to eat much and the thought of eggs on toast or soup made me want to… well you get the idea.

My packing went well, but terribly all at the same time. I have everything I need (and nothing I don’t) and I left most of my ‘maybe’ pile at home. Everything is just overweight, checked in by 1kg, hand luggage by 1kg and a really huge handbag. The only consolation in this is that about 5kg of this is gifts and NZ snacks for friends in Europe. You sure are lucky people! I have everything from greenstone necklaces to Whitaker’s chocolate and peanut butter.

Some facts about Shanghai (my first destination):

  • Population of 24 million in the greater area (largest in the world, and about 5 times the population of NZ in one city)
  • Home to the worlds busiest container port
  • It’s located in the Yangtze river delta in East China.

I’m looking forward to a complete assault on the senses.

I’ll be back later in the week once I have arrived in my next destination, London.

Amanda xx



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