Sweat baby sweat baby

Two 12 hour flights done and no jet lag to speak of. I have been resting up in Oxford with my old work mate Clare and her husband. The chocolate was much appreciated! Today I am headed to London, first stop the New Zealand High Commission to place my vote for the upcoming election.


Keble College, Oxford

Shanghai was incredible. My first Asian city was an absolute pleasure. It was HOT, it was BUSY and it was SMOGGY. But I loved every moment. From ordering food you had no idea about, to getting treated like a celebrity on The Bund (the Chinese liked my European looks and light hair so I now feature in many Chinese peoples holiday snaps). A few sneaky antics delivered great views of Shanghai from both sides of the river. Going up to the Park Hyatt restaurant and bar on the 91st floor of the Shanghai Financial Centre tower saved 150RMB (NZD$30) compared to going to the observation deck. We also found a reasonably priced rooftop bar to have a drink.


Shanghai: View from The Bund

Thanks for the hospitality Amber! Your knowledge of Chinese was extremely helpful.

Tomorrow I am off to a Polo match. I have no idea what to expect, but I do wish to see some royalty (In my dreams!).

Amanda xx


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