One week, four countries

I have wrapped up my time in the UK (for now), learning what a chukka is and going out dancing in Clapham Junction. Sunday bought a new country (both new for my trip and somewhere I had never been before). I arrived into Porto late and was instantly impressed with the country.

Two and a half days in Porto and I think I have fallen in love. You can really tell the whole old town area is a UNESCO World Heritage site. I don’t think I have ever seen inside so many churches or drunk so much beer/sangria/port. Almost every building is a church, monastery or convent and the Portuguese (like the Spanish) drink with almost every meal.

Across the river is where they make port wine (named after the city of course). Port is fortified wine, which makes it sweet but alcoholic (20%). The grapes have to be  grown in the Douro Valley near to the city for the wine to be called port.

One speciality of Portugal that I have really embraced is the yummy pastel de nata. These are little custard tarts found everywhere across the country and these must be eaten several times a day (or this is what I have been telling myself).

My next location is the university town of Coimbra, and then Lisbon. More on these locations later,

Amanda xx


One thought on “One week, four countries

  1. Dad says:

    Sure are getting around . Portugal looks a nice place to visit but don’t really think I could leave home for there. Wouldn’t mind a look though may be we can fit it in?


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