Birthday celebrations

Sunday was a travel and laundry day. I travelled by bus from Lisbon to Seville through southern Portugal. Amazing scenery!

Monday I woke late as it was my birthday and called my parents before going on a wander around the city and eating some Tapas. Tapas are great, they are a small dish so you can try a few things. I tried salmoreja (creamy gazpacho-like soup). I checked out the cathedral (which is the 3rd biggest in the world after St. Peters and St. Paul’s) and the Alcazar (royal palaces). In the evening I went to a Flamenco show and we even got to give it a go at the end, I’m not as bad as I thought I would be. Visited the Spanish square which features in Star Wars and is filming for Game of Thrones starts there later in the month.

Cordoba was up next and as a treat (thanks Tash!) I went to an Arabic bath house and had a 2 hour bath and massage session, bliss. This part of Spain was conquered by the north Africans once and their influence shows strongly. Tried a local food, fried aubergines with honey. A quick visit to the Mesquita before leaving town was mandatory, but also free as I went early in the morning before mass and I was treated to an almost empty cathedral-mosque. The building is amazing, half mosque half cathedral. The mosque was there first and in the days of city walls there was limited space to build a new cathedral when the Christians took over the city. So they simply recycled the existing mosque and built Christian elements into the building.

Unluckily I managed to miss my train and spent 3 hours waiting in the train station waiting…

Granada is the next location, and I have heard great things so am hoping I am wowed with the city. More later in the week

Amanda xx


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