Walking, drinking, walking, drinking, eating, walking, drinking and eating

Valencia was great. Liz and I spent a week doing much of the same (but completely different at the same time). Plenty of walking, eating and drinking. Within 24 hours we had fully embraced the Spanish way of life, eating late and drinking plenty at all times during the day (yes wine before midday is OK). On our wanderings in the Old Town we regularly got lost only to find ourselves next to some major landmark or square we recognised from another point of view.

Other than wandering the Old Town we also spent some time sitting by the hotel pool reading and had a couple adventures including a walk down the old river bed (they put the river underground after many floods and turned the space into a city long green space with plenty of room for walkers, runners and bikers) and checking out The City of the Arts and Sciences.

We also had two beach days. One was spent checking out the America’s Cup village (albeit in the rain), and the other was an adventure on a local bus to a beach further south, the area surrounding having been badly hit by the recession. Think empty/closed 5-star hotels and tumbleweed (the beach was lovely though).

Now I am in my destination, Clermont-Ferrand. I am lacking internet and energy however to write another post. Hopefully this will get sorted soon, the bureaucracy is already doing my head in.

Amanda xx


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