A French city (finally) and stepping in dog poop

I arrived in Clermont-Ferrand on Sunday night and was picked up from the train station by Olivier, the teacher looking after me at my school. My accommodation is at the school which means it is super convenient and cheap.

On Monday I had a wander around the city on the way to meet up with some other assistants for some pizza. The city is really two towns; Clermont and Montferrand and there are two distinct town centres. My school is in Montferrand which makes it a bit of a journey into the heart of the city which is in Clermont but there is a tram which is really efficient and I will also have the loan of a bike. On this first walk around the city I did it, that thing so many people talk about and recognise about France… I stepped in some dog poop. It really is everywhere and sometimes there is no escaping it.

My school is great, lots of students but the teachers are really friendly and nice. They have given me Fridays off so that I can have a long weekend and do some travelling. I start classes proper on Monday. On Wednesday we had the induction day which was exhausting as it was all in French and trying to understand how complicated things work in a language you are not fluent in is not easy.

Yesterday I got my French bank account so I can now start getting everything organised like a French mobile number, my social security forms (more paper work) etc.

Amanda xx


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