A quick induction into teaching

I ended last week with some observing of classes and hearing about what I will be expected to do with my students and classes. I also got some more life admin done.

On the weekend I went out clubbing with some of the other assistants and had a wonderful night out! I didn’t think I would be able to keep up with all the early 20’s assistants, but I danced as hard as the rest of them. Sunday was terrible weather and was spent looking around some free attractions. On the first Sunday of the month galleries and museums throw open their doors and welcome everyone in for free.

Monday was the start of teaching for me. I had several classes lined up but a few were cancelled as the teacher was off sick. So my first experience of teaching was being left with a group of ten 15 year olds who really didn’t want to be there. All I can say about that is teachers in France are (and are allowed to be) much more strict than back home in New Zealand. On Tuesday I had two groups of wonderful terminale (final year) students. They had to watch a movie trailer (The Boat that Rocked) and then discuss and summarise the main points. After Mondays 3 missed classes, I had two more cancelled as during one they were sitting a test and the other was going on a field trip. My last two classes I just got to speak about (and test my knowledge on) New Zealand for an hour each to a group of BTS students (mostly 19 and 20yos). In general the students were really curious and I got lots of really interesting questions like “What is the average wage?” Thanks to my background at Statistics NZ for helping me answer those curly ones!

Next week I have more classes with a little more freedom about what to ‘teach’ (mostly will just be sitting around chatting, sounds like my kind of job) and then it is school holidays! But first this weekend I am going to Paris. On that note, I’d better go pack.

Amanda xx