Back to the grind? Not really

Continuing on from my last post; we had two more days in Santorini which were spent going out and we also went to Oia which is the more photographed part of Santorini. We found a restaurant and watched the sunset which was beautiful. Our last morning was spent buying Greek products and getting one last look at the view before we started our journey back to Paris.

We arrived back in Paris on Saturday evening and I met up with another Kiwi who has just moved there for her job. Emma and I grabbed a pizza and a bottle of wine and sat alongside the Seine making new friends. We decided to take the free bikes home which once we worked out how to do it and got functioning bikes (Emma’s first choice was missing a peddle), it was great fun as well as some much needed exercise for me after all the food in the last two weeks.

Sunday was the great invention that is free entry to museums! (The first Sunday of the month) So I spent my day climbing the Arc de Triomphe and checking out the Conciergerie, Saint Chapelle and the Pantheon. A highlight was getting to see the crypts of great people like Marie Currie and her husband Pierre.

My week at work started well with two classes not happening as the students were off on internships. This was the theme of the week and I ended up having pretty much three days off and only 5 hours of classes. Yup, that’s right! 5 hours. This gave me more time to organise some more paperwork and get a bit more of a routine.

I also had a chance to explore the city more and took more photos. Tonight I’m off to a party at one of the other assistant’a houses so I have to go now and get some wine.

Amanda xx


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