How much wine can you carry?

After my last post I visited Auchan and stocked up on wine for the weekend. Wine was always my drink of choice and it has continued to be with a bottle of French wine needing to cost no more than a few euros (about a third of the price compared to back home). The weekend was full of socialising and just general relaxing.

Last week on Tuesday we had a day off for Armistice day, so after a tough day at work on Monday I had most of the rest of the week off. Highlights included, another party or three (and checking out everyones apartments), a three hour long lunch with some of the other assistants, going to the thermal baths/hot pools etc., a few nights at pubs meeting new people, going for pizza (twice) and the best highlight of all was spending all of Saturday afternoon at the Irish pub watching the All Blacks win against Scotland (much to Naomi, Chris and substitute Scot Dom’s sadness). Lowlights included my first pangs of homesickness (11 weeks after leaving), failing to get my internet working in my room and the weather turning colder and wetter.

It has been really great to stay in one place for a couple of weeks, but watch this space, more travel is coming soon.

Amanda xx


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