Lyon and Christmas parties

Last weekend I went to Lyon for the Fête des Lumières. The whole of Lyon is filled with light displays, installations and people (something like 3 million per day)! I went with one of the other assistants Naomi and stayed with my old university friend Nick who is there for a post doc. The weather was cold but we had a great time.

During the week I went to a language speed dating night where you get to speak to people in different languages and on Thursday I made Pikelets for an international night. On the weekend I went to a Christmas dinner at one of the English teacher’s houses which was lovely. The meal included the typical 5 courses (aperitif – nibbles and champagne, main, cheese, dessert and coffee). Afterwards the assistants had a Christmas party with lots of party games and festive attire. Sunday afternoon/evening was spent at the pub watching the ASM v Munster rugby game as all the tickets had sold out for the stadium. ASM won, yay!

This week I haven’t had many classes due to teachers kids being sick, students on internships and teachers who hadn’t finished covering the material for the term so I have had plenty of time to rest up before heading away on a two week break this weekend. On Saturday I head to Paris before going to the UK on Monday and then for New Years I am going to Belgium with another assistant Ruth. Before then I have another two Christmas lunches and another few catch ups with the other assistants.

I won’t have time to write again until after Christmas so Merry Christmas!

Amanda xx


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