What’s that? Another holiday?!

Since I last wrote I have had nearly two weeks off travelling. I wrapped up classes with a relaxing class where we watched Alice in Wonderland and I had my last night out with my friends before heading to Paris. In Paris I did a little sight seeing and went to a museum and on the Saturday night two other kiwis and I found an underground live music club and had a fantastic night dancing and meeting new friends while listening to some awesome beats.

After Paris I headed to London and picked up a rental car (yes I drove in Central London!) and clocked up quite a few miles on my UK road trip. I saw friends/family in Cambridge, Leicester, Yorkshire, London and Oxford. The highlight of the sightseeing was visiting Fountain’s Abbey in Yorkshire. Christmas was spent in Oxford/London with Clare and her husband and dinner with their friends. I ate way too much food and the evening was wrapped with some Cards Against Humanity which was great fun. In London I saw old friends and my good friend Fiona who has just moved there for work. We checked out the Camden markets and on the Monday I went to the British Museum and to the Christmas Markets.

Next stop was Brussels for three days with another assistant, Ruth. We did some sightseeing, waffle eating, beer drinking and celebrated the new year in a big square full with people, music and some amazing fireworks! Way to go Brussels, such a great city. I also managed to get some relaxing in and TWO baths.

Now we are in Bruges for the last night before we go back to France (and back to work on Monday). We arrived this morning on the train and spent the day checking out the canals and the sights. We ate some more food and drank more beer, bit of a theme there! Tomorrow we are back to France with a stop for a station change and some lunch in Paris. The holiday is over for another few weeks.

Amanda xx


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