Nudity at the theatre

So far this year I’ve been busy with a French road trip and a visit to a new country. France has also been hit by one of the biggest acts of terrorism in recent time with the Charlie Hebdo massacre, more in another post.

Last weekend Dom, Jon, Nigel and I rented a car and spent the weekend exploring the Loire Valley: Tours, Blois, Amboise, a creepy empty church and a couple of Chateaux. We had a great time and managed to fit in plenty of wine drinking and cheese eating as well as an adventure to get a selfie with a cow, you really had to be there.

This weekend I went to Luxembourg to visit Amélie who I met in Lisbon. Luxembourg is beautiful if very small. The beauty of the place was increased after some snow on the first night I was there and we spent the next day checking out all the beautiful snowy sights and MUDAM the modern art museum.

Other monthly highlights include: seeing an ASM rugby game at the stadium (with a minute silence for the Charlie Hebdo massacre victims), meeting some of the Kiwi players in the ASM team, attending the rally for #JeSuisCharlie with an estimated 50-70k others, an afternoon at the Louvre, a catch up in Paris with a kiwi assistant, teaching the kids kiwi slang (we love the word ‘piss’ don’t we?! To get pissed, to be pissed off, to go to a piss up and isn’t it pissing down outside?), tutoring and going on field trip with my school to see The Taming of the Shrew (in French of course).

This last highlight was an extremely odd experience for me. Firstly the performance was in French which meant I understood maybe 10% but also it was a crazy 21st century adaptation that included so much nudity that I’d feel uncomfortable seeing it with my mother let alone a couple dozen of my students! For the record I saw two sets of breasts (one set within the first minutes of the play and then repeatedly for the next two hours), and three penises. France…

Until next time,

Amanda xx


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