It’s all coming to an end in France

I am back to work again now after the holidays although this week I had less classes because the final year students are sitting their mock exams.

We only have another two months left teaching in France and so the last two weeks I have tried to get more involved with the locals and speaking French so I regularly go along to Café des Langues at the pub where you meet people and speak French. I also went with Jenna – another assistant – to another speed dating type event where we met local families, spoke French and swapped numbers with those we connected with.

Other highlights from the last two weeks were a crêpe night at Jenna’s house (yum!) and a day trip to Lyon for one of the other assistants birthday’s. The weather was stunning so we spent a lot if time walking around in the sun and enjoying being in a large city for a change.

This weekend I’m in the French alps (Les Deux Alpes). I’m not skiing but here to enjoy the views and snow and hit the bars with Dom. We also spent the morning in Grenoble on Friday. It’s been a really good weekend and as well as the above activities we have also taken a cable car to a traditional village and ate fondue. It’s been relaxing and I don’t want to go home tomorrow!

I have no plans for the next few weekends but the weather is getting better and with my time in France coming to an end I want to get out and see some more cities, so watch this space for more adventures.

Until next time,

Amanda xx


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