A mid week getaway and other tales

So where did I go on my adventure a couple of weeks ago? I left you all hanging on that one! I headed off to Toulouse for 3/4 days. Booked a covoiturage and an Air B&B and away I went.

Covoiturage is a car sharing system where you pay for spare seats in a private car. You book and pay for your trip in advance on a website an give the driver a text/call to arrange pickup (normally in a convenient location like a train station or bus stop). After a successful trip you give the driver a code and they get paid. You leave reviews so other travellers know about the driver, are they on time, do they drive like a maniac, that kind of thing.

I stayed in a room in an apartment I found on Air B&B. Victor and Cecile are Spanish and I had a great time. Toulouse itself is wonderful (my new favourite French city) and I profited from travelling mid-week with free entry to two museums, one of which was the Cité L’Espace which was supposed to cost 18€, score!

Since Toulouse I have been getting up to all the usual, a little work, socialising with friends and one very sad farewell to one of the assistants heading back to the UK, see you soon Dom! I was also invited to one of the teachers houses for dinner and she made a kind of pie with potatoes and cream which is a specialty of the region she’s from, Allier, to the north of Clermont-Ferrand. 

I’m currently writing this from Croatia. We have another two week break before I have my last week of work, and I’m in the Balkans! I’ll write all about it in my next post.

Amanda xx


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