Germany, England and goodbye.

After Switzerland things were winding down for my parents trip as they had only a few more days until flying back to NZ. 

The view of Lake Constance from the train between Zürich and Münich

We took the train to Münich where we spent three relatively relaxing days there, the major item on the agenda being beer!

The grounds of Schloss Nymphenburg, Münich

We explored the city, accidentally saw some nudists in the park, saw surfing on a river, a strange exhibit, a palace (Schloss Nymphenburg), the BMW museum and Olympic park.

The highlight for me was drinking 1L beers (only €8), at the Hofbrauhaus. There was people in traditional dress and traditional music.

I also had a chance to meet up with my old flatmate from NZ which was great!

Next we headed back to London for mum and dad to catch their flight. We had one day left to go to the British Museum, eat fish and chips and go to an excellent West End musical (The Commitments).

It was a sad goodbye but only for three months this time, not eight like last time.


I spent the night with Clare in Oxford then jumped on the train to Manchester for the weekend with some lovely ladies I met in Budapest in February.
We saw all the sights, the Science and Industry Museum, Imperial War Museum, Lowry Museum, A beautiful library, ate far too much Turkish food in a restaurant styled like you’d imagine an elderly Turkish woman’s lounge room, walked in a beautiful botanical gardens, saw a movie (finally an English speaking country!), tried to find a ball gown for me (more next post), and helped Tracey flip a mattress. It certainly was a jam packed weekend!

Next I was off to Ireland, read about that in my next post.

Amanda xx


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