Back to the Motherland

I was very excited about the next leg of my journey as I was going to be seeing friends (old and new), and family.


My first stop was Glasgow, the former home of a genius in the world of art and architecture, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. My two days were spent doing a little relaxing (and laundry), visiting art galleries (including falling asleep in one), hitting up charity stores in Byres Road for ball attire and meeting up with Chris (a language assistant I met in France) while listening to some live music. Glasgow was an unexpected treat!


Next was Edinburgh, I spent some time with Dom, another language assistant from France. As well as catching up with her, I did all he touristy stuff around the city including a couple of museums, the castle, viewed Holyroodhouse from the outside and a walk up to Holyrood Park for a lovely view of the city. I also found myself in the middle of a gay pride parade, surprisingly not the first time I’ve ended up in one unintentionally!

Harewood House

On to Yorkshire where I got to spend a couple of days with family and visit Harewood house (a stately home, the Queen’s cousin lives here). I also visited Luke (ANOTHER language assistant in Doncaster and we had a day trip to York where I stayed with Liz for a night.


This weekend I’ll be in Oxford for an event but since my posts have been getting long lately I’ll end this one here and fill you in next time.

Amanda xx


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