A hot and quiet three weeks

I finally made it to Paris after my extended stay in London. We were slightly delayed coming through the Chunnel as more migrants had managed to get inside the the tunnel the night before. I was so glad to be back in France! I helped a woman navigate the metro and then headed to my hostel.
In the next two days I went to the Louvre (twice, since I have my teacher card and it’s free, why not?), the Orangerie and saw Naomi an assistant doing an internship in Paris.

View from one of the Louvre galleries, Paris

I then spent two weeks at a homestay near Guéret. I helped with the garden, the horses, the dogs and keeping the grandma entertained. Also having a look around the area, relaxing, walking, yoga, and sorting out much life admin for the next destinations!


I also made a couple of trips into Clermont-Ferrand to pick up mail from the school, my payslip, say goodbye to the office staff and to see my doctor and pharmacist. I also had to put fix a problem with my phone plan, go to the post office, sort out stuff for my insurance claim and send many emails for a conference I’m heading to in Budapest in September. Thanks Jon and Jenna for having me to stay. Not many people are left in the city, it’s summer and it’s pretty hot so most people are heading for the seaside or north to Normandy, just like I’m about to. 


More news next time,

Amanda xx


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