Europe trip in review

Well I’ve been home for five months now, and with every intention to keep blogging or at least write one more post, my life caught up with me and here we are!

Singapore was a nice place to have a stopover, I went on a city tour, watched a movie and did a little shopping at the airport before having a shower and jumping on my last flight home.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

What have I been doing since I’ve been back? I was straight back into work the day after arriving home, don’t be too jealous but I don’t get jetlagged. I spent the first week in the Christchurch office to spend time with my family before heading back to Wellington and spent the week writing conference trip reports, articles and processing most of the 1,200 emails I’d received since being away.

Coming back to Wellington I found an apartment and settled in easily, and I even decided I was ready to commit to having a plant.

Now five months later I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on and answer questions about my trip. Things like “what was your favourite place?”, “where do you want to go back to?” And “where are you going next?”

Choosing one ‘favourite’ place is difficult and I will explain why: I travelled to 23 new countries in addition to the three I’d already been to (England, France, Spain) in 386 days. That’s 89 cities.

I took 27 flights, 83 trains, 32 long distance buses, hired a car three times (France, Greece, U.K.) and took 9 ferries. I also learnt how to do covoiturage in France and hitchhiked in Albania.

I stayed in hostels, b&bs, hotels, Airbnbs, in people’s spare rooms (thanks guys), at a university hostel, on overnight trains and on the floor of Amsterdam airport.

I saw so many incredible sites from the ancient, modern and natural world.

I got lost, sunburnt, food poisoning, stranded (more than once), attacked by mosquitos, gained 5kg and lost a gold necklace. And I’d still do it all over again!

All in all, it was one of the most amazing trips of my life!

Coming home and trying to settle into my old life was hard. I had the same job in the same city, and for the first month I lived in the same apartment I had before I left (and after that I only moved upstairs). I found it hard to ‘reintegrate’ as I had changed so much in a year and didn’t want things to go back to how they were before.

I spent the first month saying yes to a bunch of activities before settling down into my life, I’m happy to add that I now have a plant and a boyfriend.

And of course, I’ve booked my next holiday, I’m off to the US in April.

I’ve also made a couple of trips around Nz that I will share about in another post.

Until next time,

Amanda xx