Four frantic days in the UK

I post this after just hearing about the London attacks… thoughts to all affected.

I had originally planned to stay longer in the UK but that didn’t happen and instead I had a very busy trip. 

I flew into London Luton and despite the airport being so far away managed to make it to my friends house in London, shower and get to the arranged bar all in about 3.5 hours. The weather was great that day (I think I’m the London weather God – tends to always be stunning when I’m there) so we sat outside and I embraced summer with some wine and fish and chips.

I wasn’t in London long though, the next day I picked up a friend – Danielle – and we headed off for Oxford and some sightseeing. Danielle likes books so it was a perfect location to visit together. We made the most of my alumni card and visited Christ Church (college). Also checked out the Bodleian Library, Blackwells Bookshop, The covered market, got a cookie from Bens Cookies and met my friend Clare for lunch. The sun was shining all day!

That afternoon I got the train to Leeds where I went out for dinner and some drinks with a friend from teaching in France, Luke. Sun was setting quite late there and I couldn’t quite understand the people dancing in bars when it was still light outside. 

The next day I had lunch in York with Liz and we got hailed on twice. The lovely weather had well and truely packed it in. However was really nice between rain spells. We wandered around some of York that I hadn’t seen before and I picked up some reading material.

That night I had dinner with my family in Harrogate and stayed with them for the night, catching up on all the news and family drama.

Sunday morning I took the train to Manchester. It was only a couple of days after the Ariana Grande concert terrorist attack there and everyone was on high alert but I felt like it was not only safe, but the best time to visit as the military were out in force like in France.

Louise and I were headed to Madrid together Monday morning so we had a quiet day with her cats, did some laundry, watched tv and ate. I ate a curry for dinner as it seemed appropriate. We also went to a market in the afternoon and got some amazing donuts, diet time when I’m home. The market was very cool and sold lots of homemade items and many of the stalls had goods that were Manchester themed and/or were donating proceeds to the families of those killed in the attack.

We had to get up super early the next morning to go to the airport to fly to Madrid, which I will cover in the next blog post.

Amanda xx