Lots of travel

As I wrote in my last post, the week after finishing work I had to make a quick trip to London via Paris. The purpose of this trip was to take a small suitcase of winter clothes for my parents to take back to NZ at the end of their trip. They had little luggage and we didn’t want to carry it around for four weeks!

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Well I had a short amount of time in London but it was by no means a short trip! I left Monday for Paris where I spent the night at Emma’s and went out for dinner and up the Arc de Triomphe (at night) with a friend from NZ, Rhea and her friend. Lovely to see you! The next day I took a bus to London (it was cheap and I got to go through the Chunnel on one of those car trains) and arrived in to meet Matt after work for some Thai food (yay finally some decent ethnic food)! The next day I visited the Sony Photography Awards exhibit (excellent by the way!) and caught up with Jess who is now living in London. That night I had to take a night bus back to Paris (this time we went on a ferry). After arriving back in Paris and picking up the rest of my luggage (I’d left my pack in luggage storage – didn’t really feel like lugging an extra 20kg to London when I already had 25kg with me…) and then after a slight problem with the RER, I made it to the meeting point for my covoiturage to Valence. I actually needed to go to Avignon but that was the best I could do for that time on a week day. So when we arrived that afternoon I took a train to Avignon. I got into Avignon around 7pm on Thursday. I was absolutely exhausted! I had been travelling for about 24 hours and had little sleep despite my incredible ability to sleep on any form of transport.

Avignon, France

After a rest I explored Avignon a little before getting dinner and heading off to bed. 

Avignon was gorgeous and the weather was stunning too. I wandered around the city and visited the Palace of the Popes. Nine popes lived in Avignon after one decided he didn’t want to live in Italy and moved the papacy to France some time centuries ago.

Paella, Markets, Arles

Markets, Arles

Strawberries, Markets, Arles

Lavender, Markets, Arles

Cheese, Markets, Arles

Next I spent a morning in Arles at the weekly market (which is known as the best in Provence). That afternoon I met my parents in Marseille and we headed off to spend a week in the lovely South of France.




And what a week that was! We visited Monaco, Nice, Cannes, St Tropez, Aix-en-Provence, and small towns around the Cote D’Azur region. Cannes was a highlight because we were there at the start of the film festival but unfortunately we didn’t see anyone famous, just an empty red carpet and a million paparazzi. We did really enjoy having a good look at all the fancy boats docked though.

Les Arcs

Our rental apartment was great and the weather was stunning (almost a little too hot) so we got to make full use of the pool.

Our next stop was Italy.

More next time,

Amanda xx