Switzerland, Wow!

Switzerland was incredibly everything; incredibly beautiful, incredibly expensive, and incredibly lovely people.


We arrived into Interlaken by train from Italy, a lovely trip past lakes, through mountain passes and a giant tunnel covering half of the southern part of Switzerland.

Interlaken is a picture perfect town, the weather was great, our hotel couldn’t have been cuter and the city drinking fountains all featured beautiful glacial water. 

We had one very full day of incredible sights in the Jungfrau region. We took two trains and a cable car up to Mürren, a storybook alpine town, from here we had excellent views of the there large peaks in the region; the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (the Ogre, Monk and Virgin).


Later in the day after exploring Launterbrunnen, we started our journey to Jungfraujoch, the highest train station in Europe. Built in the early 20th century, it was a great feat of engineering and man power when built. (A random fact, the company building the railway offered a reward to the party of men who were the ones to burst through to the top of the mountain. This incentive resulted in one group using more dynamite than they were supposed to and blowing through to the outside a bit too spectacularly!) The train journey up was nearly two hours because the incline was quite steep and we made several stops to change trains. Dad started feeling a little altitude sickness as we climbed. The last section of the journey is mostly inside the mountains with several stops to look at the view out “train station” windows (big caves carved out of the rock). The views of be north face of the Eiger were stunning. The view from the top was simply incredible! Once in a lifetime experience for sure. You could see the summits of the mountains and the giant glacier behind them. Words can simply not do it justice!


While on the top I fed some hungry birds out of the palm of my hand and they ate some of dad’s apple. How they survive so far up, I don’t know. 


The next day we headed to Zürich. We wandered the city and had lunch in a lovely park. It would have been more lovely if I hadn’t split the dressing for my salad all over my shorts and down my leg.


Our quick jaunt through Switzerland was over and the next day we headed on to Münich.

Amanda xx


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